Baros Maldives Unveils a Week of Unparalleled Romance for Valentineā€™s 2024 – Maldives Virtual Tour
ExperiencesJanuary 21, 2024

Baros Maldives Unveils a Week of Unparalleled Romance for Valentineā€™s 2024

Nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Baros presents an exquisite array of exclusive experiences and bespoke offerings for the ultimate romantic getaway. Renowned as the Worldā€™s Most Romantic Resort for seven illustrious years and the Indian Oceanā€™s Most Romantic Resort for a decade, Baros stands as an unrivalled haven for celebrating love. 

Drawing from the essence of timeless love, this Valentineā€™s Day atĀ  Baros is inspired by renowned tales of love, inviting guests to immerseĀ themselves in these celebrated narratives or craft their very own talesĀ of romance. Guests can choose from a menu of Valentineā€™s DayĀ offerings, curating their unforgettable, romantic stay at The MaldivesĀ  Icon, Baros.Ā 

These celebrations culminate in an exquisite Valentineā€™s Day buffet, asĀ well as specially curated destination dining experiences across the island. From the pristine sands of Barosā€™s sandbank to the romantic allure of the piano deck or the traditional Maldivian sailing dhoni,Ā  Nooma, couples can embrace their love in authentic Maldivian settings crafted exclusively for them. Furthermore, Baros offers enhancedĀ menus inspired by timeless love songs, meticulously designed to infuseĀ romance into every aspect. For an unparalleled dining experience, theĀ exclusive ā€˜Restaurant Under the Starsā€™ beckons couples to indulge inĀ an intimate dining affair.Ā 

During this period, all guests will receive exclusive inclusions as part of their stay, setting the stage for romance from the very beginning.Ā  Guests can revel in private cinema experiences surrounded by tropicalĀ serenity or embark on romantic cruises aboard the traditional MaldivianĀ sailing dhoni, Nooma, or the opulent luxury yacht, Serenity. ImmersiveĀ spa experiences await at Serenity Spa, where couples can indulge inĀ specially crafted coupleā€™s massages amidst intoxicating scents andĀ exotic aromas. For a truly unique spa rendezvous, the exclusive Piano Deck Coupleā€™s Massage offers an elevated level of intimacy. Delve intoĀ the depths of Barosā€™s lagoon and etch your love into the worldā€™s most romantic island.Ā Ā 

This Valentineā€™s Day, celebrate love in its purest form on the worldā€™s most romantic island from 10th to 17th February 2024. Take advantage of these Valentineā€™s offers and book your unforgettable journey at  Baros today. 

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