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Travel BlogMay 8, 2024

Crafted Chromatic Retreats at Cora Cora Maldives

Cora Cora Maldives awaits just 45 minutes away by seaplane from Velana International Airport or a convenient 30-minute domestic flight followed by a brief 20-minute speedboat journey. With a collection of nine distinct villa categories, the resort welcomes guests and caters to their personal preferences. Among its 100 villas, five charming beach villa options entice, while four mesmerising overwater villas offer an exceptional and memorable retreat.

Beach Villa

As you sink into the luxurious expanse of your generously sized bed fit for royalty, the tranquil ambience is punctuated only by the gentle chirping of birds darting amidst the swaying palm trees that crown the rustic thatched roof. Start your day by savouring the spectacle of the sunrise while sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee on the expansive deck before indulging in endless beachside adventures beneath the radiant sun. And if you fancy a midnight escapade, a mere few steps from your comfortable sofa lie the inviting waters of the sea, inviting you for a romantic swim under the moonlit sky. Embracing an idyllic retreat, where every moment is an enchanting chapter in a tale of unwinding bliss, has never been more effortless.

Beach Pool Villa

Relax in the seclusion of your personal pool, with the sandy shores just a stone’s throw away and the gentle caress of sea breezes tousling your hair. These charming one-bedroom villas nestled along the coastline are tailor-made for a romantic duo. Enclosed by lush hedges adorned with fragrant shrubs and vibrant tropical blooms, privacy is guaranteed, allowing you to fully embrace the joy of seamlessly transitioning between the refreshing pool, the expansive deck, and the inviting indoor-outdoor bathroom, all without care for prying eyes.

Beach Pool Suites

Experience the luxurious delight of stretching out and unwinding amidst stunning colours of the ocean or lush gardens, visible from every corner of these expansive suites boasting a spacious bedroom and a separate inviting living area. Indulge in a peaceful afternoon siesta while your loved ones frolic on the sandy shore just beyond. Come together for a late-night treat around the indoor dining table before slipping into the moonlit waters of your exclusive pool for a refreshing dip. And when the urge for a sea swim strikes, the inviting waves are just a few steps away from the comfort of your sun-lounger on the deck.

Two Bedroom Family Beach Villa

Rekindle the joy of immersing in nature’s embrace just moments from your abode. Perfect for beach enthusiasts of every age, these charming two-bedroom, two-bathroom villas offer a plethora of delights. Delight in playful splashes in the gentle shallows, bask in the sun’s warm embrace on your expansive deck, and when the little ones need a rest, retreat indoors while you savour a tranquil cup of tea overlooking the serene sea view. As night falls, expect nothing but beaming smiles all around, reflecting the day’s cherished moments of seaside bliss.

Two Bedroom Family Beach Pool Villa

These delightful oceanfront villas boast two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and your little water enthusiasts will be over the moon. With your very own secluded pool and the inviting sea just a stone’s throw from your deck, endless aquatic adventures await. Spend quality time splashing around with them before settling into a state of relaxation on the deck, where you can unwind while observing their joyful antics in the sand and gentle shallows below. 

Lagoon Villa

These one-bedroom villas offer an unparalleled sense of liberation, designed with romance in mind yet equally exhilarating for water-loving youngsters eager to swim until their fingers prune. With the vast ocean seemingly at your fingertips, every moment is infused with a thrilling sense of freedom. Whether you fancy a graceful dive, a playful glide, a spirited shimmy, or a daring cannonball, the water beckons invitingly just steps away from your deck. 

Lagoon Pool Villa

If you’re torn between the allure of the expansive ocean and the serenity of a private poolside retreat, look no further – your perfect island escape awaits. Settle into your inviting one-bedroom villa, where you can effortlessly transition between exhilarating aquatic adventures and blissful relaxation. Embark on underwater explorations and playful frolics in the sea directly from your villa’s doorstep before returning to your deck for tranquil moments with a captivating book and a refreshing beer beside your secluded pool. And for those craving even more aquatic indulgence, luxuriate in the comfort of a two-person freestanding bathtub and a soothing rainfall shower indoors. 

Duplex Lagoon Pool Villa

Relish the spaciousness of the lower level as you transition seamlessly between the inviting comforts of the living room, the expansive terrace, and your exclusive private pool. Should the allure of the sea beckon, simply descend the steps and immerse yourself in its azure embrace. When relaxation calls, ascend to the upper level, where a bed awaits, offering breathtaking sceneries of the ocean beyond. 

Two Bedroom Lagoon Pool Villa with Slide

Sink into restful slumber in the spacious comfort of two bedrooms, each boasting expansive sea views and luxurious adjoining bathrooms. Share serene moments over tea and hot chocolate on the deck as the sunset paints the horizon with hues of gold, then recline on plush sun loungers while the children frolic in the deck-topped pool. When adventure calls, choose between two thrilling ways to immerse yourself in the sea: step gracefully down the steps from your deck like a movie star or dive headfirst via a thrilling slide. Prepare for a journey that will etch lasting memories in the hearts of your family.

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