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Travel BlogMarch 19, 2024

Delectable Fusion of Flavours at Furaveri Maldives

In the embrace of Furaveri Maldives, dining becomes an art, blending gourmet delights with the stunning Maldivian backdrop. Guests are invited to enter a culinary haven celebrating the fusion of local and international flavours. The resort’s diverse dining experiences, including speciality options, promise unique and unforgettable gastronomic adventures.

Guests who opt for the Island Wide Premium All-Inclusive package can enjoy the Dine Around option, expanding their exploration across various culinary offerings. Furaveri aims to tantalise taste buds, ensuring each meal is a delightful chapter in the Maldivian culinary journey, creating lasting memories for guests amid the scenic paradise.


Jaafaiy provides a vibrant and contemporary atmosphere for an exceptional dining experience. Indulge in a delightful breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet meticulously prepared with the finest ingredients, complemented by themed nights. With panoramic views of the island, Jaafaiy transforms every meal into a memorable journey of flavours and sensations.


A harmonious blend of vibrant sunsets and the alluring aromas, textures, and bold spices of Asian cuisine await you at this speciality fine-dining spot. Gracefully situated on the island’s western tip.

Teppan De Oishi

Boasting a picturesque setting that springs to life with a lively griddle station, here, skilled chefs masterfully create delightful sushi and sashimi paired with tropical cocktails that elevate the culinary experience.


Immerse yourself in the excitement of tantalising fusion cocktails and refreshing drinks while basking in the island breeze. This vibrant spot offers an exhilarating atmosphere in which to relish Mexican-inspired quick bites, flavourful liquors, and an unforgettable dining experience that brings the vibrant essence of Mexico’s culinary traditions to life.

Olives and Vine

Perched on the stilts of the Ocean Pool Villas, this Mediterranean restaurant boasts a wedding pavilion at the jetty’s tip, offering captivating views of the house reef meeting the clear blue ocean, creating an enchanting setting.

Lebanese Restaurant

A blend of modern innovation, elegance, and tradition intertwines with the authentic essence of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine, where the ambience, decor, and music create a seamless experience. Post-dinner, immerse yourself in the enchanting rhythm of pure Lebanese and Middle Eastern music, elevating the night with uplifting beats, melodic notes, and captivating belly dancing.

Udhares Bar

Discover this dynamic poolside bar’s perfect fusion of relaxation and exhilarating entertainment. Enjoy breathtaking ocean views during the day, and as the sun sets, witness the transformation into a lively hotspot with nightly entertainment complemented by expertly crafted drinks, immersing yourself in the best of both worlds.

Seafood Restaurant

Inspired by sustainable fishing methods utilised by generations of the Maldivian fishing community, the modern open grill concept and exceptional setting invite guests to witness every step of freshly served dishes over the open grill and wood-burning oven. Experience breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, scanning distantly located islands and sandbanks, a star-studded sky, and a moonrise in the evening.

Ocean Spice

Guests can experience culinary bliss at the resort’s Indian vegetarian haven, enjoying the elegance of its modern yet cosy setting that offers a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

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