Influencer Program – Maldives Virtual Tour

Maldives Virtual Tour Influencer Program

Monetize your content with the Maldives Virtual Tour Influencer Program

Maldives Virtual Tour influencer program for content creators enables original content creators to monetize their content by inspiring global travelers to buy our partners travel packages with your livestreams, travel photos, and videos on their own platforms + MVT platforms. Selected influencers who create regular content creators will be featured across the Maldives virtual Tour website which will help to give more credibility and reach to your content. Every year we will have an annual gathering of all partner influencers / content creators.

Who is a Maldives Virtual Tour Influencer?

As a member of the Maldives Virtual Tour Influencer Program, you are a content creator who provides recommendations to inspire your audience via social media. We will invite you to visit our partner properties to create content to promote those properties. All content created is eligible for use on MVT platforms. All the costs of travel (full-board accommodation with local transfers) will be borne by Maldives Virtual Tour. Content must be provided within a period of maximum 30 days of final shoot day.

How can I monetize my content?

There are multiple ways you can earn. You can monetize your social media content by sharing your customized URL links that we provide which links to our partners' travel packages or through influencer identity codes that can be used on partner travel websites. Every influencer / content creator will get access to a portal where you can manage commission earned in real time. Payments are made monthly to the bank account details provided excluding bank charges. Commission will be 5% - 15% of total sales value. Payments for international travelers are made in USD while local travelers in MVR.

How do I qualify for this program?

We accept applications from all types of influencers, provided you have either a YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok account. When reviewing your application, we look at the number of followers you have in addition to other engagement metrics with verification software.