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Dhiggiri Maldives


Completely renovated in 2016, the Dhiggiri resort has reborn with a new look, but still rests its foundations on the values ​​that have characterized its management over the last 20 years: absolute love for Maldives and its magic; the respect for the environment both inside and outside the sea, which with all our efforts we contribute to care. Features of Dhiggiri are its beaches of fine white sand, its silences, accomplices of the great intimacy that distinguishes it, and its predisposition to the enjoyment of the aquatic experience. All of this, of course, as well as some of the most famous dive sites in the world.

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    Airport Transfer from VIA:
    20 Mins

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    Distance to VIA:
    60 KM

    Nearest Airport:
    Velana International Airport

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    Nearest Local Island:

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