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Nika Island Resort & Spa

Nika is a piece of Maldivian history, one of the first islands in North Ari Atoll to become a unique destination in the Maldives. Nika Island is the heavenly island of our collective imagination. A platform where the typical concepts of Maldivian tradition and beauty blend with Italian culture. Nika is the island where nothing has changed. A place where you come to experience the Maldives of times past. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” wrote the English poet John Keats – the beauty of Nika transcends any description. An ambitious alchemical experiment, unrepeatable and totally successful, that has written an important chapter in the history of tourism in the Maldives.

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    Airport Transfer from VIA:
    25 mins

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    Distance to VIA:
    80 KM

    Nearest Airport:
    Velana International Airport

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    Nearest Local Island:

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