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Niyama Private Island Maldives

Find a luxurious private setting for intimate, one-of-a-kind experiences at one of the finest Maldives 5-star resorts. With twin islands, aptly named Play and Chill, Niyama Maldives creates a place where you can choose your ideal vacation in a place that comes straight from the most beautiful postcard.

On Play: Frolic in the treetops. Rush into the sea that expands to an infinite horizon. Kick things up a notch in villas set on white sands and tailored to adventurous honeymooners, active couples, and style-savvy families. Play on Niyama, private islands in the Maldives don’t get any better than this.

At Chill: Revel in a peaceful moment within the cocoon of Drift Spa. Explore the delicacies of a culinary haven offshore. Soothe your soul to the slow rhythms in over-water villas at one of the best luxury Maldives five-star resorts. Lounge against the flowing ocean scape in an underwater playground.

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    Airport Transfer from VIA:
    40 min

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    Distance to VIA:
    180 KM

    Nearest Airport:
    Dhaalu Airport

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    Nearest Local Island:

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