Meeru Island & Spa Listed on Forbes ‘The World’s 15 Most Beautiful Places (A Scientific Study)’ – Maldives Virtual Tour
Travel BlogFebruary 21, 2022

Meeru Island & Spa Listed on Forbes ‘The World’s 15 Most Beautiful Places (A Scientific Study)’

Meeru Island & Spa has announced their enlistment on ‘The World’s 15 Most Beautiful Places (A Scientific Study)’ that is compiled by Forbes.

Speaking on it, the resort says that Meeru island is delighted to be recognised for its pristine beaches and sparkling waters.

The list was created by using AI technology that concluded Meeru Island as the second most beautiful landmark in the world. To compile the list, Forbes’ technology analyzed the world’s most well-known natural wonders. The goal: to rank the locations that are most attractive to the human eye, thereby qualifying them as the most beautiful travel destinations in the world.

In the scientific study, participants viewed a series of images from 50 of the world’s most famous natural landmarks, from the Grand Canyon to the Maldives. The participants’ eye movements were tracked using AI technology, showing which images captured the eye the longest. This eye-catching data was then analyzed to reveal the world’s most beautiful places.

A tropical paradise of coconut palm trees, long stretches of white sandy beach, surrounded by sparkling clear, warm water in a turquoise lagoon and colorful coral reefs teeming with abundant marine life, Meeru Island Resort & Spa is a dreamy destination for all. A 55-minute scenic speedboat transfer will bring you to this untouched, natural paradise from Velana International Airport.

The resort is also is a popular choice with both families and couples. As one of the larger Maldives resort islands, it offers a myriad of activities, sports, and excursions, in the sea, on land and even in the air. Guests can discover the pristine underwater world and colorful marine life, perfect your golf swing, sweat it out at the tennis court, rent a bicycle, or simply swim or kayak around the turquoise lagoon. You can treat your loved one to a special event and cherish life long memories while at the resort.

Book your stay to Meeru Island Resort & Spa to enjoy a casual, relaxing atmosphere in a natural setting, whether on a family vacation in the sun or an intimate, beach gateway with a loved one.

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