ROBINSON Noonu Announces Exciting Events for the Upcoming Month´┐╝ – Maldives Virtual Tour
Travel BlogMarch 31, 2024

ROBINSON Noonu Announces Exciting Events for the Upcoming Month´┐╝

ROBINSON Noonu, the renowned luxury resort, has unveiled a diverse lineup of special events for the upcoming month, promising guests an unforgettable experience in paradise. From fitness and wellness activities to live music performances, the resort aims to cater to every taste and preference.

Fit Team Functional Event by Gesine Ratajczyk & Nicola Olianas

Fitness enthusiasts can look forward to the Fit Team Functional event led by expert coaches Gesine Ratajczyk and Nicola Olianas. With their extensive experience and qualifications in sports science, guests can expect top-notch functional training sessions, diverse workouts, mobility courses, and exciting dance classes. These two weeks are set to be filled with invigorating fitness sessions, promising guests a rejuvenating experience.

Yoga & Meditation “Release & Let Go Event” by Laura Schlosser

Renowned event expert Laura Schlosser invites guests to unwind and reconnect with themselves through daily yoga sessions and guided meditations. Whether a seasoned practitioner or a novice, participants are encouraged to embrace a loving connection with themselves and indulge in a serene escape in paradise.

Chakra Journey by Miriam Wigge

Join Miriam Wigge, a trained yoga teacher and holistic fitness instructor, on a transformative Chakra Journey. Through a combination of movement, mental exercises, and regeneration techniques, participants will gain insights into their emotions and their connection to the body’s chakras. This immersive experience aims to promote emotional release and foster positive energies such as trust, joy, and self-esteem, promising a holistic approach to wellness.

Dance & Fun June with Lara Bothe & Julia Meyer

Experience the joy of dance amidst the breathtaking backdrop of ROBINSON Noonu’s pristine beaches during the Dance & Fun June event. Led by expert instructors Lara Bothe and Julia Meyer, guests can immerse themselves in a variety of Latin dances, from Bachata to Rumba and Salsa. From daytime lessons overlooking the Indian Ocean to evening sessions under the starlit sky, participants are invited to let loose and embrace the rhythm of life.

Holistic Health July

July at ROBINSON Noonu is dedicated to holistic health, with experts offering guidance on exercise, nutrition, mindset, and relaxation. Guests can indulge in a range of offerings, including meditations, sound baths, and Ayurvedic treatments, promising a holistic approach to well-being.

Live Music Performances

Throughout the month, guests can enjoy top-class musical entertainment from acclaimed artists. Listen2, a renowned band from Mannheim, will serenade guests with their captivating performances, while DJane E*star promises to keep the dance floors alive with her energetic sets. Additionally, guests can look forward to special performances by singers Jay Oh and Esther Kim, offering a blend of jazz classics and contemporary hits.