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Huraa is well known in the Maldivian history as the last royal dynasty to rule over the Maldives. They have their roots in Huraa island. It was founded in 1757 by Sultan al-Ghazi Hasan ‘Izz ud-din. This dynasty is very important to the Maldivian history because Kings, Prime Ministers and many people from important governmental posts haven been from the Huraa. This Dynasty started from Dhonmarudhuru Fadiththakurufaanu (Fadikkaleyfaanu) of Male’ Atoll Hura. Historical evidences reveal that he was the son of a French man called ‘Louise’ and a Maldivian woman from Hura. Hura Dhomarudhuru is the grandfather of the first King of the Hura Dynasty, who was Ah’Sultanul Ghaazee Hassan Izzudhdhin (first) Siri Kularanmeeba Kaththiri Bavana Mahaaradhun (Dhonbandaarain). He was a national hero who saved the people from the rule of the Malabars.

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