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The administrative capital of Laamu is located in Fonadhoo Island.It is mostly rimmed by barrier reefs, the broadest of which are topped by islands. There are many islands along its eastern and southern boundaries. This atoll is quite regular excepting for the projection of the reef at its NE corner (Isdhū Muli). It closely resembles Kolhumadulhu, its neighbour further north. Owing to its typical atoll shape, it differs in no respect from atolls in the Pacific Ocean, save for its greater size. Its reefs are generally of little breadth, with no signs of vilu (deep pools), except for its eastern fringes which are covered with islands that are quite large by Maldive standards.As the capital island of Laamu Atoll, Fonadhoo boasts an alluring combination of natural beauty and cultural richness. The island is composed of three villages – Barasil to the north, Medhuavah in the middle, and Kurigam to the south.

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