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The most populous island in Shaviyani Atoll, Milandhoo was not inhabited until 1997. The Government launched a project to construct houses there and relocate residents from the neighboring island Maakandoodhoo, where the water had become contaminated. The North-West of the island has a Freshwater body called ‘Sikundi-Kulhi’, named after the abundant amount of freshwater shrimp (dingaa) found in it, while in southwestern Milandhoo is a pond, Rayy Kulhi (“Red Pond”), so named because debris from bottle gourd plants and mangroves in the surrounding swamp redden its water. It is smaller and shallower than Sikundi Kulhi, but a popular picnic destination.

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    Airport Transfer from VIA:
    1 Hour 43 Mins

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    Distance to VIA:
    235 KM

    Nearest Airport:
    Funadhoo Airport

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    Nearest Local Island:

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