Raiymandhoo – Maldives Virtual Tour


Raiymandhoo a reserve of its own nature; a green lush jungle, a marine nursery, two separate turquoise blue lagoons, sand banks create a unique environment for the visitors to enjoy the beauty of Maldives. The island reserves white sandy beaches for the tourists to complete Maldivian holiday experience along with two crystal blue lagoon and a reef rich in marine life. Take a snorkeling tour to the house reef to explore the beauty of coral gardens, turtles and sharks living within the lagoons of Raiymandhoo. The lagoons protect the turtles and baby sharks from the predators. The huge seagrass patches are a source of food for the turtles and a nursery for small fishes.
Visit Raymadhoo to experience the quiet and laid-back nature of local islands. To enjoy calm environment and to explore the cultural work of women. Learn the coir making and thatched weaving process to understand craftsmanship of local islands.
During your visit, take a fishing trip to the nearby reefs to catch some fish and to prepare a barbeque in Maldivian style.
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