Vietnamese Singer and Travel Blogger Quang Vinh Escapes to Angsana Velavaru Maldives – Maldives Virtual Tour
Travel BlogSeptember 11, 2023

Vietnamese Singer and Travel Blogger Quang Vinh Escapes to Angsana Velavaru Maldives

Vietnam’s acclaimed singer and top travel blogger, Quang Vinh, with an impressive following in both the music and travel realms, has embarked on an extraordinary “SenseTheMoment” escape to Angsana Velavaru, a breathtaking island resort in the virtually untouched South Nilandhe Atoll in the Maldives.

Crowned as “Travel Blogger of the Year” during the 2022 Men and Life Awards Vietnam, Quang Vinh’s exceptional content characterised by its diversity, depth, and superior quality has established noteworthy collaborations with various travel organisations and renowned brands. These include national-level travel campaigns such as the “Embracing Taiwan” initiative organised by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the “Reimagine Singapore Neigbourhoods,” which was orchestrated by VisitSingapore. 

Furthermore, he has forged partnerships with leading luxury airlines and esteemed hospitality brands, including Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Aman, Six Senses, Banyan Tree Group, and many others.  Notably, Quang Vinh is at the forefront of the travel influencer scene in Vietnam, actively championing sustainable travel experiences through his impactful “Saving Coral Project” and “Less Plastic Campaign.”

As Quang Vinh explored Angsana Velavaru, he uncovered the “101 Things to Do” – a diverse collection of activities that ensures something for every traveller to enjoy, whether seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion.  He indulged in exquisite food and beverage offerings, experienced the warmth of the diverse staff, and simply did “SenseTheMoment,” which encapsulates the essence of mindfulness and the art of savouring life’s precious moments.

With his reality travel show “Quang Vinh Passport”, he takes the audience to many corners of the world, such as Australia, Spain, Portugal, France, Russia, Turkey, Taiwan, Singapore, Bhutan, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Maldives.  Quang Vinh’s passion for travel and his desire to inspire others to explore and connect with the world align perfectly with Angsana Velavaru’s commitment to eco-conscious experiences and warm hospitality. 

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